Annual Meetings

All residents are supported to go to ASTRO as well as the annual UCSF refresher course. Our program strongly supports residents to go to academic conferences. For residents who were not present at the meeting, we maintain a library of the year's virtual conference meetings such as the annual ASTRO, ASCO, ACR, and ABR Meetings. The chief resident is also supported to go to the annual ASTRO Refresher course.

The CPMC Radiation Oncology training program maintains an up-to-date, legal electronic library through Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle which includes all major study guides and all major textbooks. Residents have access to this library until the successful pass of their Oral Boards.

e-Book Library

RadOnc Questions

RadOncQuestions is a test bank similar to USMLE world tailored for the American Board of Radiology's Radiation Oncology Qualification Exams. All residents are given a 5-year subscription starting as a PGY-2.

Ken Hub Anatomy

Ken Hub is a website and mobile application system that provides an overview of human anatomy as a refresher for our residents. We have a departmental account shared by our residents.

iMAIOS e-Anatomy

iMAIOS e-Anatomy is a website and mobile application that provides detailed and interactive CT and MRI atlases of normal anatomy. We have a departmental account shared by our residents.

Our private WebEx room allows HIPPA compliant sharing of information seamlessly across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms when residents are on away-rotation.