12:30 PM12:30


Program Director Luncheon Agenda

  1. Future Rotation schedule 
  2. Conference travel (GME reimbursement)
  3. Future Peds rotation options 
  4. MR teaching style
  5. UCSF Didactics 
  6. Consent for prospective trial
  7. Re-starting St Francis didactics 
  8. Scheduling for next PD lunch 
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CPMC RadOnc Holiday Party
6:00 PM18:00

CPMC RadOnc Holiday Party

Appetizers: Tuna Poke, Dungeness Crab, Coconut Prawns, Quesadillas, Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Main Course: Prime Rib, Petite Salmon

Salads: Romaine Roquefort, Fresh Fruit Salad, Mixed Green Salad

Sides: Au Gratin Potatoes, Garlic Sauteed Greens

Dessert: Assorted Cakes

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11:45 AM11:45


Fall Program Director Luncheon


1) Kaiser Oakland rotation feedback

2) Resident interview setup (who's participating, cheat sheets for Attendings, pre-interview dinner, housing visit, tour, scoring sheet revision) 

3) Research ideas


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12:00 PM12:00



Improvements In Progress

1. Replacement of St Francis rotation. UCSF/Audition Rotation/Golden Gate/Kaiser Oakland

2. Educational Resources. RadOncQuestions, imamos radiology,  KenHubs anatomy. Approved by Dr. Lee. OK to use GME credit card to purchase now?

3. Resident office renovation. Standing desks, no bookshelves, ergonomic keyboard/mouse/monitors, seating for 4 + small area for med student. "Seats and Stations" person who visited quit, and replacement was on jury duty. Too slow to respond. Allow residents to do ordering? OK to purchase television to be mounted on wall? Budget?

4. Prospective patient databases for research projects. IRB proposal submitted last month. Awaiting approval.

5. Kaiser Oakland Pediatrics. PLA agreement made. Resident on research will be given first priority for cases. Estimated 30 cases/year. Who is our contact there to be informed for pediatric cases?

6. Additional Resident Laptops. confirmed with Alan and Sutter IT department that several non-HP devices can be purchased. All Macs AOK (Binmoeller's group is on Macs now). Surface Pro 3 (but not 4) AOK as well. When Sutter moves to Windows 10 (later this year), Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book will become approved as well. Discuss which 2 laptops to purchase now?

7. Prospective Residents

a) CPMC Undergraduate committee considering joining the "VSAS, Visiting Student Application Service" that most hospitals use.

b) New website up ( and running. Depending on legality, will request a link from the old website to the new website. (Binmoeller's IES and Psychiatry(?) running separate websites currently)

c) 2 rotators this summer.

d) Proposal to make pre-interview dinners close to a resident's place, then invite group to that resident's apartment for dessert and debriefing about tomorrow's interview day. On interview day, have 2 people per room, and give them a specific objective (outside interests, research, problem solving skills, difficult life situation, empathy, etc). Have at least one standardized question for each rotation in order to more objectively compare between interview days.


Potential Improvements

1. Current Quality Improvement Goal (From CPMC QI Committee): "High Value Health Care". We are tasked to attempt to track down how much common things cost and give a little chart to each resident.

2. Proposed modified residency schedule allows motivated residents for 12 months of research. Requires risk-reward system for productivity and to eliminate abuse. Poor support from attendings regarding prospective trials. Possible support for physics and dosimetery trials. Potential for educational initiatives  

3. Chief Resident Clinic. Lea and administration will begin asking St Luke's to refer internally rather than to Seton. Proposal to start a Chief-Resident clinic with these Medicaid patients that passes patients from chief-resident to chief-resident. If the chief resident goes on vacation, the research resident can cover to keep it "resident clinic." Will likely not start for several months.

4. Fitness Initiative. Proposal to buy everybody a smart-watch. Proposal to institute risk-reward system: Failure to meet goal results in forfeiture of next month's snack stipend. Reward the team as a whole only if all 4 meet their fitness goals by increasing the next month's wellness event budget. Dr Lee modulates individual goals.

5. Modify Case Conference/move Wednesday didactic to mornings. Proposal to cut case conferences in their current format and increase didactics to both Wednesday and Thursday mornings, always at CPMC. Proposal to move time from 8-9AM with focus on journal discussion, oncology as a whole, and viewing plenary talks from recent conferences. Keep CCR in afternoon for convenience to Dr Lee.

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