Resident Handbook

The resident handbook on our Google Drive is the first resource for incoming residents and a fairly comprehensive resource for getting to know the ins and outs of our program.


Our supervision policy was last updated in 2014 and gives guidelines on the appropriate level of supervision in our department.

Our duty hour policy was last updated in 2017 and was created to ensure that residents are not overburdened with work and are given appropriate time to study and take care of their health.

Mailing Codes

When mailing residency related or patient related that requires postage--you may write the following cost centers numbers in the top right hand corner where the stamp would normally go.

CPMC Resident Mail Code: 118248
CPMC Radiation Oncology Mail Code: 117640

Drop the envelope or package at our front desk's office in the black tray closest to the rear door.  You may also ask Joel, Tiffany or Susanna (for non-rush deliveries) or drop the package off in the Stanford 2F mail room (for rush deliveries).

Make sure you select the correct envelope (supplies in the mail room) for the speed you wish the envelope or package you want to arrive. All mail goes through USPS.