The Fit


Our residents were exceptionally accomplished medical students and our current cohort has a Step 1 > 250, all had multiple publications/presentations, and came from excellent medical schools. Here is our match list from the past 15 years:

2018 - William Cheng - UC San Francisco School of Medicine

2017 - Sam Birer, Duke University School of Medicine

2016 - Nima Harandi, UC Davis School of Medicine

2015 - Andrew Huang, Wake Forest School of Medicine

2014 - Arun Goel, Drexel University College of Medicine

2013 - Rahul Kumar, University of Pennsylvania (Perelman)

2012 - Justin Linam, University of Washington

2011 - Caspian Olai, Drexel University College of Medicine

2010 - Alexander Geng, UC San Diego School of Medicine

2009 - Paul Menzel, Weill Cornell Medical College

2008 - Celine Marquez, Stanford University School of Medicine

2007 - William Ding, Drexel University College of Medicine

2006 - Matthew Scala, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

2005 - Paul Page, UC San Francisco School of Medicine

2004 - Paul Kim, Yale School of Medicine

2003 - Milan Patel, Chicago Medical School


As a community based program, our physicians do not have heavy involvement in research projects nor put the same emphasis into didactic time as academic radiation oncologists. Students who are self-motivated to utilize the plethora of educational resources, and spearhead their own research thrive best in our program. Students who learn best by listening to lecture or students need a higher level of guidance would be better fits for an academic residency program.


We are a training program that is focused on crafting radiation oncologists that will thrive in the private practice environment and the personality types that we look for are a bit different than those that will succeed in an academic environment. Our residents have a particularly wide breadth of knowledge regarding topics outside of medicine and all communicate well in multidisciplinary tumor boards. We also ideally look for residents who fit well with our current group of residents as put an emphasis on being a tight-knit group.

Open Minded

We want our residents to be happy here so while we think that San Francisco is the best city in the world, we know that it's not for everyone. We tend to look for people who have lived some part of their life in an urban environment and people who enjoy progressive leaning communities as well.

Tech savvy, outdoorsy, foodie, left leaning, lovers of the arts with no objectives to living in small spaces or cold weather year-round do exceptionally well here.